The below are examples of Quantum’s product lines.

Web-based and Mobile Platforms Quantum offers the design, development and building of infrastructure to support web-based and mobile platforms. We build these platforms through our expertise in JavaScript, which allows all our products to run on any device and OS. We test all our platforms will full mobile test automation, and provide mobile-optimized access to any data source. We additionally provide measurement for all web-based and mobile platforms that provide metrics such as usage and adoption in order to detect crashes and tune performance.

Dashboard Quantum offers design focused, thoughtful, and user-friendly dashboards created from a union of utility, usability and beauty. First, we aid in identifying the client’s target audience, and understand what type of dashboard needs to be created, and the value behind the yielded results. These dashboards are designed to map out key data points that guide our clients to impactful information. This allows our clients intuitively focus their message on information and metrics that matter. End-user experience includes the dashboard interface, such as type of navigation, interactions, and capabilities that engage audiences.

Maintenance Support Quantum offers full maintenance packages for clients. These packages include training on our products, refinements, bug fixes and updates. We also design and build complete IT infrastructure, providing both product installation support, and help desk support.

Site planning and Installation Quantum procures equipment, assembles the installation of equipment, provides training on equipment, and is consistently on site to help clients work through any technical problems with site planning and installation. Quantum’s RF engineers and technicians provide complete design, manufacture and installation supervision of state-of-the-art AM/FM and television broadcast transmission systems. We execute the design, fabrication and testing of custom solutions for RF industrial, communication, telecommunication or other applications; design of custom web-accessible transmitter and pattern selection control systems; high voltage RF testing; and indoor anechoic chamber antenna characterization or electromagnetic compatibility testing.

Quantum Resources is a division within Quantum Communications that functions solely to provide support. Quantum Resources provides IT engineers and support staff to execute onsite or remote product installation and fixed. Through this propriety model of full spectrum backend IT support, QR offers product based training, IT goal mapping on updating all software and hardware to the latest technologies. We additionally have built out computers to creative customized hardware and software for clients.