Quantum Communications offers clients technology solutions and full-spectrum communications that are cutting edge in creativity and sensitivity to cultural contexts. Our technology production and IT tools act as seamless communicators across traditional and digital media. These tools and products are used to influence target audiences, and enhance flawless campaign execution.

Quantum is committed to bringing about positive change through the use of our ever-evolving IT solutions. Our boldly creative senior policy and communication strategy advisors have extensive expertise in managing intricate programs across the Middle East and North Africa for the past 30 years. Through our strategic networking, we navigate complex informational environments unfamiliar to conventional communications practices.

We offer our clients access to the best creative talent in the region, catering our IT and content products to optimize audience engagement. Our communication and content campaigns transform perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of opinion leaders and audiences at large.

Quantum’s deep functional expertise coupled with advanced topical knowledge allows us to tackle the most challenging needs of leading public and private institutions. We consistently deliver positive change and build momentum for action.

We understand that the prominence of digital technologies lies in their cacpaity to act as platforms for advocacy, influence, outreach and communications. Information and digital technologies i offer a unique utility as tools for connectivity, tracking and measurement.

This interactive understanding hassled Quantum to specialize in the architecture, design, development and building of infrastructure to support web-based and mobile platforms.

Furthermore, we create customized dashboards and technology tools to help our clients better understand program-specific measures of effectiveness.

To complete our services, we offer clients maintenance support, including training on our products, refinements, bug fixes and updates; as well as designing and building the IT infrastructure, and providing product installation support.

Deep Functional Expertise

  • Information Technology
  • Dashboard Development
  • Performance Analytics
  • Site planning
  • Maintenance and Warranty
  • Technology Products
  • Communication Strategy
  • Integrated Communication Management
  • Research and Information Analytics
  • Advocacy
  • Policy
  • Media Strategy and Analytics
  • Content
  • Strategic and Media Relations

Advanced Knowledge

  • Software and Application Design and Development
  • Political Governance
  • Social Policy
  • Economic Policy
  • National Political Systems
  • Radicalization
  • Infrastructure